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According to global business data platform Statista, foreign investors are increasingly betting on the growth of the rental market in Asia (Bali is in first place for these indicators).

This is due to the attractiveness of the land and climatic conditions, the beautiful nature, the availability of coastal areas (on the ocean or the sea) and the affordability of the land.

In contrast to the European coastal zones, the coastal zones of Asia are more affordable.

Foreign investors increasingly prefer Bali of all Asian countries for profit, long-term commercial projects, short-term with a return on investment within 5-7 years, capital preservation as a personal retirement fund, business realizations.
Risk minimization in the creation of income real estate projects.
Currently, virtually all income-generating real estate projects, whether it is a budget modest small villa or a huge luxury complex, are able to pay for themselves in the shortest possible time. More and more tourists are choosing Bali and demand exceeds supply.
With a minimum land lease term of 25-30 years, the average payback period is 5-7 years with an average occupancy rate of 70%.
Availability of vacant land.
Unlike other Asian countries, where global investors have already settled and land is almost impossible to buy, the Bali Island still has the potential of free land, including in very beautiful locations: on the ocean, on the cliff tops, on tiny isolated islets near Bali and so on. This opens up opportunities for the realization of beautiful projects, each of which is capable of becoming a "tourist legend" and surpassing the others in quality and offer.
The opportunity to preserve capital in a crisis.
Land prices in Bali are rising every year by about Bali's land prices are about 20% each year, and all projects that are built during this period have a high potential increasing in value.
Support from the government.
Every new project in Bali, as long as it does not interfere with local residents or the environment, is a site for job creation, beautifies the area, adds something useful to the overall infrastructure, and attracts new tourists. This has a positive effect on the development of the Indonesian economy. Therefore, the government supports foreign investors and their plans. Every year new amendments are made to the laws for foreign investors: taxes are reduced, new conditions for acquiring land.